jQuery not defined – Gravity Forms

Some solutions are given here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23786388/js-error-on-gravity-forms

If we are embedding gravity form in template files and form is outside wp loop, then we need to call gravity_form_enqueue_scripts( $form_id, $is_ajax ); function to force stylesheets and scripts to load in the header.
Documentation: https://docs.gravityforms.com/gravity_form_enqueue_scripts/


I was going through some articles on medium and I came across this article.

I am quoting some paragraphs from the article because I believe this is so true and I should keep this in my mind always

Marriage will not always make you happy, but it will do something even better. It will give you an opportunity to find happiness in peace, in letting go, in learning what’s worth fighting for, in figuring out how to love an imperfect person, in seeing what commitment is and what compromise feels like.

Marriage won’t do the work for you. That work is yours—always and forevermore. The real work is not about finding the right person. It’s about becoming the right person.

8 Hours Sleep

I have been working on a night shift for last five years. And sleeping during daytime is not as relaxing as we sleep at night. But to my surprise, I slept continuous 8 hours in last two days (it rarely happens)! and it was really kinda achievement for me. Very much relaxing and refreshing! After a very long time, I got this much long sleep (without any interruption).

Night Shifts and My Team

I’ve been working in night shifts for past 4.5 years and looks like now I’ve become habitual. I don’t feel sleepy during night (If I have got good sleep during my daytime). Things are going fine with me so far but my new team members are struggling to work in night shift. I really love my team members because everyone in my team is so much hardworking and dedicated. And I feel bad as they are falling sick. In recent one month, half of my team was struggling with health issues due to night shift. I am trying to adjust their working hours like few hours their local time and remaining hours on PST. But with this schedule, I get myself alone at PST hours and get so much pressure to work on multiple things at the same time (because no help (team members) available at that time). Confused what to do 🙁

Difficult Decision

Firing/Letting someone go is one of the most difficult decisions for management. Today I sent a goodbye email to one of our developers. I tried to be very much polite and positive and also explained about the reason of this difficult decision.

I give enough chances to team member to improve and even work with them to improve their skills, offer learning sessions over weekends and try my best to keep them in the team. But if team member does not show enthusiasm and willingness to improve, we had to take this decision. 🙁

When You Realize You need a break

Today, I was reading a blog post “Surviving Burnout” on dev-human.io. After reading that blog post, I realized that breaks are so very much important in life. And the very fact you should learn how to say no in life, politely though. It has been more than three years since I went out for a long vacation or a sabbatical for that matter. I have simply been coding and working on projects continuously (even during the weekends) to achieve the work deadlines. But I guess, amidst all this, we must realize that the run for these deadlines is never really going to come to a standstill.

I remember the time when having hundreds of assigned to-dos used to give me a lot of stress. No matter how hard I tried to finish all those to-dos and managed to bring those hundreds to few, but after 2-3 weeks it would all be same again. However after reading this post, I realized that I share one of the three symptoms that were mentioned in the post, i.e., “Forgetfulness.” Since I am a web developer turned into a Team Leader & Manager, I would struggle hard with managing my things, calendar events, note takings, and writing training process for employees etc,. Also owing to my work responsibilities (where I have to manage different team members and different teams), I would skip my important dates and prioritized tasks or would end up forgetting and assigning tasks to my team members. I often wondered if it was due to my bad management, but I believe that my forgetfulness had been contributing to it as a significant reason. I first kept on ignoring this for a few weeks, and then soon did I realize (actually after a few months, to be honest) that – this was certainly something that I could not afford to ignore. Because it was not only creating problems in my professional life, but was also affecting me as a person.

I soon visited a doctor, and he advised me to sleep properly and even gave me some medicines to ease the condition. However in midst of all, I realized that the medicines were not the things that I ever needed, I just needed the sleep (a good sleep, I’d say). As the time passed by, I started feeling better and my management skills were soon improved by a great extent. Not just that, I was also getting better at defeating my forgetfulness. But I do realize this very fact now that whenever I take too much of stress or make myself buried with too much of work, those symptoms tend to crawl back. I do admit however that I tend to spend too much time in front of my workstation.

Anyways, after reading that blog post, I feel that I should bring some changes to my work style or tweak it to a level. And I should finally learn to say no. And, and… I should seriously stop getting stressed due to too much of my work.

It’s like – instead of doing everything by myself and hesitating to delegate difficult tasks to my team members, I should try to trust them some more and should delegate tasks to my team members. And yeah, communicate more and more with people within the society.


Life is going so fast. It feels like there are so many things to do: Project priorities, study, learning, career, etc,. But when you stop, think and close your eyes, give yourself a break to think just about yourself, your inner happiness, the real life, emotions, something strangely hits you and you begin to wonder if you are missing so much in this busy life. And then….. all you want to do is simply sit on a rooftop with someone at 2 AM, talk endlessly, and just look at the sky, not worrying about anything that’s going on in your life.