“It started with a friend request”

A few weeks ago, I finished reading a book – “It started with a friend request” by Sudeep Nagarkar. Before purchasing this book, I had read its summary and reviews on amazon.in. I thought it would be little similar to my life. But well, it was totally different :). However, I ended up enjoying this book. It was the first time when I picked up a love story to read. Mostly, I read biographies, technical and management books.

Though this book was a love story, I (pretty much me here) liked the “corporate life” part in this book. I enjoyed reading the chapter “Corporate Atyachaar” – what an amazing chapter really! Here goes a brief insight of this chapter:

…The lady manager had to report to the head of the department. When she entered his cabin, he asked her, “Are you free tonight”? She immediately smiled and said yes. The next moment, that rascal gave her a hundred sheets to type out.”

… Before Leaving, I would like to tell you about the circle of life. Many of you might be engineers or MBA graduates but in your practical life, the sooner you understand the difference between your college and office life, the better it will be for you. The sooner you adapt to the changes, the faster you’ll excel in life. In college, we had different professors assigned for different subjects, but here we have only one task and only one manager. Your task is to improve your performance. In college, you bunked your lectures and spent money whereas here if you bunk, you lose money. In college, you were at least aware about your exam dates, but here can anyone tell clearly about the audit dates?

If you score less marks in an examination but still manage to clear it, you need not to be answerable to anyone. But here if you score less, which means if your performance goes down, then you are answerable to all your higher authorities. Why? Because in college you paid the fees and here, you are getting paid for your work. The most important difference is that during your college days your girlfriend was proud about your clothes but now she would only feel proud if you are paid heavy salaries. Thus my dear, you better adapt yourself accordingly. You should always remember “To improve is to change but to be perfect is to change often”.

And yeah, the author really tried to add “extra” romance in his book. He beautifully expressed love between Alessha and Akash. Overall, it was a nice reading.

Sudeep Nagarkar’s writing was quite simple, an easy reading book. Well, his writing has left me inspired me to write my own book I just need to work on my vocabulary and grammar.

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