School Days

I was thinking of to share my life experiences with you. So today I am sharing something from my school days.

I really enjoyed my school days. I completed my matriculation from DAV School and secondary education from Town Hall. I took physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer science as my major subjects. I really loved (and still love) mathematics though I wasnt very good at it. I really loved computer science and physics. I always hated Organic Chemistry ugh. I used to attend online video lectures from MIT OCW, IIT, Yale Univeristy etc. Really awesome time.

In school time I made really great friends and still we are best friends. I must mention Vishal, Mandeep, Karan Hitesh and Ranjit are really awesome mates. Vishal and I used to study together and develop small programs in BASIC. We really enjoyed solving those small mathematics problems using BASIC. 🙂

In my secondary level education, I didnt really have much time to write programs because I was quite busy with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. But yeah I loved C language and used to write programs in C.

After my school I wanted to pursue B.Tech (Engineering in Computer Science). But due to some financial issues I didnt opt for engineering course (I think it was a good choice 😀 ). After my school I joined my uncle’s company, Zanetine. There I started learning Web Development stuff. I’ll write about it in my next post. Stay tuned !!!

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